Advanced Certificate in Live Streaming & Tracking - Contact us for further details Dubai, UAE

March 4, 2021

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Advanced Certificate in Live Streaming & Tracking

Dubai, UAE

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The Advanced Certificate in Live Streaming & Tracking is specifically designed to train Security and Incident Response team in managing and responding to incidents and emergencies in real time.

One of the biggest present day issue facing security and incident response managers is the ability to have accurate and first-hand information quickly so that decisions can be made to respond effectively. 
Security and Incident Response Managers often rely on third-hand information and it is not until much later in the response that they fully understand the actual situation.
Course participants will be able to :
• develop skills in using various new technologies in communication during a critical situation and emergencies
• learn the best strategy in sending real-time information to control centre,headquarters and among team members
• using powerful tracking and streaming tool during routine, patrolling, observation, surveillance and evenmonitoring suspect etc.
• communicate effectively in emergency situations
• effectively using live streaming audio-video, tracking and messaging during major incidents
• improve self-confidence in handling scenarios and day-to-day routine
• develop their leadership skill
• prevent loss of life and damage to critical infrastructure
- Security Professionals, Heads, Managers
- Risk Management specialists
- Emergency Response Team
- Emergency Dispatch Personnel
- First Responders
- Plant Security Head, Managers, Incharge
- Former and serving police investigators
- Facility Managers
- Investigation officers & others
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