Preventing and Dissolving Conflict - Contact us for further details. Dubai, UAE

April 20, 2021

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Preventing and Dissolving Conflict

Dubai, UAE

Contact us for further details.

Preventing and Dissolving Conflict™ is an interactive program that provides your team members with multiple tools to anticipate, prevent and dissolve conflict in challenging interactions. Differing views, opposing expectations, & misinterpretations can result in workplace conflicts with coworkers, clients and suppliers. Every conflict costs time, energy and money.
By developing a repertoire of skills to choose from participants learn to head off conflicts before they begin, or defuse those already underway. As a result working relationships are smoother, teams get a boost in morale, and organizations get on with the intended focus of work with greater productivity & profitability.
Workshop Benefits
Transforms understanding of causes of conflict
Expands personal power for effective conflict reduction
Uncovers differing behavioral styles
Creates an attitude of positivity
Unveils how conflict escalates
Teaches how to de-escalate conflict
Explores a mutual-gains strategy
Integrates relationship building into everyday work life
Who should attend
Senior Managers
Middle Managers
Team Members
Workshop Materials
Every participant receives a copy of the Preventing & Dissolving Conflict™ manual, an optional copy of the DiSC Profile, and a Pre & Post Assessment.



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