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April 20, 2021

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Creating Customer Loyalty ™

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Contact us for further details.

Creating Customer Loyalty™ is a specialized program designed to deeply enhance participants’ ability to build relationships of service, trust and effectiveness with customers – both internal and external to the organization. This experiential training program deepens participants’ self-awareness about their impact on others and how that translates to customer satisfaction.

In addition to enhancing the professional skills of building customer relations, the program also delivers strategies and techniques proven to bring high customer satisfaction, including how to deal with difficult customers. The open and honest inquiry method used in this program uncovers human foibles that sabotage customer service effectiveness and transforms them into assets.


  • Expands Participant’s Positivity
  • Deepens Awareness of Impact on Others
  • Provides Tools for Building Relationships
  • Strengthens Essential Communication Skills
  • Enhances Ability to Empathize with Customers
  • Teaches Powerful Customer Service Techniques
  • Provides a Process to View Everyone as a Customer
  • Shares a New Approach to Handling Difficult Customers
  • Promotes a Positive Service Oriented Culture

Every participant receives a copy of the Creating Customer Loyalty™ manual and a copy of the DiSC Personality Profile Assessment tool.

Managers & Supervisors
All Staff Who Influence Internal or External Customers
Front Line Customer Service Representatives

Redefining Customer Strengths & Weaknesses
Uncovering Professional Strengths & Weaknesses
Tuning Your Radar for Areas of Opportunity
Choosing the Best from Within
Understanding Behavior Styles
Closing the Gap Between Differing Styles
Delivering Customer Service Basics as a Standard
Embracing a Solution Oriented Approach
Responding with Timeliness & Effectiveness

Enhancing Connection with Every Customer
Using Empathy as a Critical Tool
Putting “Service” Back into Customer Service
Exploring the Customer’s Perspective
Selecting Perspectives for Situational Success
Elevating Esteem to Build Customer Loyalty
Building Courage for Tough Questions & Requests
Honing Authenticity & Truth-telling
Build Stronger Relationships Over Time

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