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April 20, 2021

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Document & Records Management in the Age of Big Data



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Key Skills for Information Managers

Dubai, UAE

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Information is an essential asset for any organisation. Managed well, it increases efficiency and quality and contributes directly to the bottom line. Information managed badly is a risk.

Document & Records Management in the Age of Big Data is a complete program and will give you understanding, tools and templates to manage information according to laws and regulations.

Tools and Skills for Information Managers introduces practical learning of Project Management, Risk Management, Change Management, Procurement, Supplier Management, and Communications.

Workshop 1: Document & Records Management in the Age of Big Data (Day 1 - Day 3)
Workshop 2:
Tools & Skills for Information Managers (Day 4 - Day 5)

Participants can choose to attend either one of the workshops, or both workshops.

Upon registration, you are required to complete a short questionnaire related to your expectation and other issues.

Upon completing Workshop 1, you will be able to:

  • Understand how data (and Big Data), documents, records and information are created and managed as information and knowledge
  • Know how to improve the quality of your data, documents and records
  • Ensure that your Information Governance is fit for purpose
  • Understand why and how to find out what information you hold
  • Create or update retention schedules, business classification schemes, and file plans
  • Operate a regular information review and disposal process to comply with laws and regulations and to reduce risk to your organisation
  • Use templates and workflows to improve user compliance
  • Manage your organisation’s archives
  • Ensure that paper and digital documents are managed to the same standards
  • Reduce and manage the flood of email and social media

Who should attend:

- CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, COOs & their PAs
- Company Secretaries, Legal officers
- Directors and Managers of regulated dept
- Managers from regulated industries
- Managers planning M&As, Divestments or business expansions
- Staff preparing for promotion to these levels
- Staff who need to influence or inform their Chief Officers at these levels
- Document Controllers, Administrative Officers, Archivists, Records Managers

Upon completing Workshop 2, you will be able to:

  • Design and manage an Information Management Project
  • Identify, assess and manage Risks to your Project, to your Information, or to your Information Quality
  • Understand and manage Changes to your Information processes and systems
  • Select software, hardware and suppliers using a transparent, objective process
  • Manage suppliers (contractors, consultants) to ge the best value for your money
  • Communicate to your stakeholders throughout the organisation

Who should attend:

- Staff responsible for information, Records, Information Security or Retention
- Change Managers
- Project Managers
- Staff from IT who design, configure or maintain systems for information users

For further details, kindly download the PDF brochure, or Contact us at to register your seats.




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