The Art of Negotiating Under Pressure + Mediation - Contact us for further details. Singapore

April 20, 2021

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The Art of Negotiating Under Pressure + Mediation


Contact us for further details.

We all live in a ‘New Deal Economy’ in which the old-style rules of negotiation have been supplanted. It is no longer enough to negotiate purely through the exercise of power, taking advantage of the other side. However, negotiation has changed. A collaborative approach is required for an interdependent world. This applies to everyone, whether they are individuals, SME’s, big companies or Governments.

By breaking negotiation into its three key elements of Attitude, Behaviour and Process, you will learn how to shape, create and close deals. You will discover what your negotiating style is, and how you can apply it to in€uence others and give yourself the edge.


  • To assess your own style of negotiating
  • To learn key ideas / techniques in negotiating
  • To practise those aspects which will make a positive difference to your negotiation
  • To prepare for real-life negotiations
  • To deal effectively with pressure situations


  • To be focused on the three rings of “The Negotiation Chain”
  • Emphasis on “doing”
  • In-puts supported by guideline notes
  • Flexible - practice geared to your needs
  • Links made with your own experiences

“Clive is a demon negotiator! He’s even got an app for that. I would strongly recommend Clive for all manner of negotiating and contract work.”
Dee Gibbs, Joint Managing Director, Mi liberty Ltd



  • Heads of Departments
  • All Middle to Senior Level Executives/Managers
  • Professionals/Entrepreneurs
  • HR Personnel across all sectors
  • Purchasing & Contracts Officers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Legal Counsels & Advisors
  • Negotiators at all levels
  • Service Providers


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