Document Management & Retention: Shred it, or Save it - Contact us for further details. Abu Dhabi, UAE

March 4, 2021

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Document Management & Retention: Shred it, or Save it

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Contact us for further details.

This 2 day course provides you with new skills critical to document management & retention.

All businesses and organisations generate and receive documents in paper, electronic or other forms. Many of these documents and information need to be retained for business, legal or other reasons. The difficulty lies in knowing which documents should be kept and for how long.

This program will develop your document management policies. This will ensure that internal business needs and external regulatory requirements are satisfied in the most efficient & effective manner.

Document Management & Retention is designed to:

  • enable participants to create, maintain or update document management policies for their organisation
  • examine the main practical and legal issues that need to be taken into account when implementing or reviewing these policies
  • develop and maintain an effective document retention policy to meet their businesses’ need and comply with external regulation
  • examine the harsh realities and consequences of failing to have a clear and structured policy
  • emphasize the importance of having a robust document retention policy and the risks inherent in the storage and destruction of information.


Who should attend:

  • Company directors, company secretaries
  • HR directors
  • Managers - IT, risk, finance, marketing
  • Auditors, lawyers, in-house counsel, heads of legal and legal advisors
  • Staff with responsibility for designing, implementing or maintaining an organisation’s document retention and management policies and procedures.

Kindly contact us or download the PDF for further information.



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