In-house Training - Riot Control Training - Crowd Management for Security Professionals - In-house Training On-site

March 4, 2021

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In-house Training - Riot Control Training - Crowd Management for Security Professionals


In-house Training


In today’s global market and fast changing world, companies need to be ready to face a possible crisis within minutes. This is especially true for a company’s security department. Corporate Security is often faced with difficult situations that range from natural or man-made disasters, strikes, criminal activity, threats of violence, sudden acts of terrorism and dealing with crowds or large gatherings of people.

The challenge is how to train and maintain your security department on an international level, in order to protect corporate property and employees.

This course will give you the knowledge to be able to maintain and develop your security team to the highest standard. The focus of this program is on Riot Control & Crowd Management.

This course covers the maximum amount of theory and demonstrations to:

  • Give participants an understanding of the proper use and care of equipment
  • Install professional conduct when confronted with crowds, where violence could erupt at any moment.
  • Understand a riot or civil disturbance, violence and crowd management techniques
  • This knowledge will enable security to safely contain a small crowd until local law enforcement arrives.

Please note that this course is limited to 18 participants only.

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