2nd International Security Intelligence Course 2009 - Registrations CLOSED Sydney, Australia

July 2, 2020

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2nd International Security Intelligence Course 2009

Sydney, Australia

Registrations CLOSED


The 2nd International Security Intelligence Course is the second International series of our Professional Security Intelligence Course. This year,  it will be held in
Sydney, Australia.

This challenging and informative course has been specifically designed for those persons working in an environment where receiving and interpreting correct information and maintaining clear communications is vital to the safety and security of their company or infrastructure.

This is a hands-on practical course where delegates will be required to attend various locations both in and around the City to gather information.  Delegates will visit challenging remote locations where clear thinking and good team work is vital to achieving the objective.

Delegates will learn how to interpret situations and ensure that all relevant information is gathered and assessed before important decisions are made.

Across the world, there are too many past examples of Supervisors, Managers and Senior Executives making decisions before all the information is gathered and assessed.  This can result in a manageable situation very quickly escalating into an unmanageable situation.

Highly experienced instructors will guide delegates from one scenario to another encouraging each team to use all their existing and newly acquired knowledge to gather, assess and act upon the information that they obtain.

This course will provide delegates with the skills to be able to professionally gather information and evidence from a variety of sources in different locations that will allow them to act swiftly to reduce or avert a possible threat to their organisation or company.

The course clearly shows you how to reduce threats to your company or infrastructure by giving you the training to identify any threat before it escalates.

We always hear after any major event or damaging incident that someone knew something prior to the event.  In the recent Mumbai terrorist incident it became clear after many people died and were injured that there had been clear indications that something was about to happen yet authorities were totally unprepared.

Industrial espionage is also rampant across the world with companies constantly trying to gain information about their competitors operations so as to increase their profit margin.
If you don’t know how to identify that someone is leaking information to your competitors, then how can you put procedures into place to prevent this from occurring.

Testimonial from Australian Soldier who attended this course last year:

"Adrian. You saved my life and I want to thank you. When I left the course I returned to Iraq and was on patrol just outside of Fallujah. Using the techniques I learnt on the course, I ordered the scout vehicle in front to slow down as there was a roadside stall ahead that did not seem to fit in the environment. Everything was wrong about it and my training told me to be careful. Seconds later it exploded just as I would have been passing, had I not slowed down. A large IED had been detonated remotely.

You can be assured, I will recommend this course to others. It is a life-saver and an unbelievable learning experience."

- Darren H (Iraq)



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