Women in Leadership Program (Middle - Senior Level) - 24 - 26 May 2009 Dubai, UAE

November 13, 2019

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Women in Leadership Program (Middle - Senior Level)

Dubai, UAE

24 - 26 May 2009

The Women in Leadership Program is designed based on recent research on high-achieving women. It focuses on the choices and trade-offs that working women often face, which change according to the life stages they are in.

The Program includes psychometric assessments which enhance overall self-awareness, confirm strengths and uncover certain blind spots or development areas. Apart from assessments, women participants will also be asked to respond to a short questionnaire on current challenges they face in their role as leaders.

Program enhances participants’ capabilities in Communication,  Decision-Making,  Leading Teams and Managing Change.
With the small-group coaching opportunity built into the design, the program provides an opportunity for women leaders to form connections and provide support to one another after the training.

Program also provides a unique forum for women leaders to discuss challenges that are specific to women in the region.

Unlike other women programs in the market which often focus on gender differences, breaking the glass ceiling, etc, our program assumes a really positive approach to the issue of women leadership at work. We strive to help women understand their priorities, their strengths, therefore enhancing their self-confidence and equipping them with the role clarity that they need to become highly effective at work.


  • Middle to Senior Level Executives/Managers
  • Professionals/Entrepreneurs
  • HR Personnel across all sectors
  • Emerging Women Entrepreneurs
  • Any women who wish to gain insights on balancing the various roles, choices and challenges in life


  • Visualizing Activity – You as a Leader
  • Leadership Framework for Women
  • Making Choices - Life Stages & Experiences
  • What Recent Research Says
  • You and Your Values - The Value Hierarchy Activity
  • Your Leadership Styles and Strengths
  • Use of Personality Assessment



  • Experiential Activity 1 -  Team Communication
  • The Team and You: Your Interpersonal Needs  & Wants
  • Use of Psychometric Assessment 
  • Experiential Activity 2  - Team Challenge
  • Model for Effective Feedback


  • Your Response to Change
  • Experiential Activity 3 - Change Activity
  • Challenges & Opportunities for Women Leaders - Balance & Choices
  • Structured Discussion based on Pre-program Questionnaire
  • Small Group Peer Feedback / Coaching Process
  • Planning for Development – Goals and Action
  • Evaluation & Closing


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