Professional e-Writing - Highly effective online writing - 22 March 2011 Dubai, UAE

November 13, 2019

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Professional e-Writing - Highly effective online writing

Dubai, UAE

22 March 2011

We frequently write documents that are intended to be read online. Whether it’s for the web, an intranet or email, online writing requires a specific set of skills that are different from those needed for writing print materials.

This Professional E-Writing course will provide you with the skills to produce highly effective online writing.

After completion of the course, you will be able to apply and use the most effective techniques for writing clear & concise emails, and other materials designed for online reading such as e-newsletters, websites, etc.


Questions you will be able to answer upon completion of this course:

  • How can better online writing improve our key performance indicators?
  • How can we make our online writing brief, scannable and credible?
  • How can we transform print information into highly effective online material?
  • How can we use multimedia and PDF files appropriately?
  • How can we write great FAQs that save us time and money?
  • How is online writing different from writing for print?
  • What are the best-practice online writing techniques?
  • What common design errors can thwart all our efforts?
  • What essential service can e-newsletters provide that our web and intranet sites can’t?
  • What makes email more (or less) effective?
  • Why are some email newsletters highly anticipated, yet others are regarded as spam?


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