Green Supply Chain Management - 05 - 07 December 2011 Dubai, UAE

October 19, 2019

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Green Supply Chain Management

Dubai, UAE

05 - 07 December 2011

From concept to reality - a doable action plan


Companies are changing how they manage their Supply Chains. Rigid, arms-length relationships are giving way to alliances with both suppliers and customers. 

Companies of all sizes are further enhancing these fundamental Supply Chain changes by considering the environmental impact and related bottom line effects of their decisions and actions.
The aim of this course is to provide practical guidance in Greening your Supply Chain based on what is being done in Fortune 100 companies, recognized world-wide for their environmental initiatives and financial savings.

This hands on course is a blend of best practices, case studies, tools and methods based on those utilized by the companies above to allow for a doable, straight-forward-Green Supply Chain.

The course consists of series of twelve interconnecting topics which include presentations, demonstrations, discussions and exercises.

Implementing Green Supply Chain Management will enable delegates to:

  • Understand both the benefits of a Green Supply Chain and the costs of lacking a focus
  • Deploy a four-step process to decision making
  • Engage a ten-step approach to Green Procurement
  • Identify Green focus areas then implement key strategies and practices
  • Implement a Lean/Six Sigma program and ISO 14000 to compliment Green
  • Take this program from concept to reality – conclude with a doable action plan


  • Supply Managers or those with direct responsibility for materials management and/or procurement
  • Support functions that are affected by the Supply Chain such as engineering, quality assurance, warehousing and logistics
  • Those responsible for the firm’s environmental, health and safety programs
  • Other interested parties from mid to senior level management


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