The Leadership Edge™ [GA] - 14 - 15 March 2011 Jakarta, Indonesia

August 11, 2020

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"Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things." - Peter Drucker



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The Leadership Edge™ [GA]

Jakarta, Indonesia

14 - 15 March 2011

The Leadership Edge™ is a transformational training program that moves participants to powerful self discoveries that dramatically strengthen their capacity to lead in changing times. This highly interactive program uses experiential learning to help leaders at all levels remove old personal barriers and uncover and develop previously hidden strengths. 

Workshop Benefits:

  • Expands Participant’s Personal Power
  • Strengthens Inner Leadership Traits
  • Deepens Awareness of Individuals & Team
  • Provides Tools for More Effective Teamwork
  • Ignites Life Purpose & Its Workplace Alignment
  • Inspires Others to Contribute More Fully
  • Reveals a More Authentic Leadership Style
  • Develops a More Positive Organizational Culture
  • Grows Commitment to All Around Excellence

Who should attend

  • Executives & Senior Managers
  • Middle Managers, Supervisors & Team Leaders
  • Everyone in a Role of Influencing Others


Workshop Materials: Every participant receives a copy of the Leadership Edge™ manual and an optional copy of the personalized DiSC Personality Profile.


Using the principles embedded in the acronym of RESPECT, leaders will discover how becoming more proficient at Responsiveness, Empathy, Service, Perspectives, Self Esteem, Courage and Truth-telling will transform the results they produce. This program opens doors to an authentic leadership style that transforms people, teams and organizations.


  • Designing a Group Alliance
  • Sharing the RESPECT™ Overview
  • Clarifying Leadership Values
  • Understanding Team Personalities
  • Becoming More Responsive
  • Developing Conscious Listening
  • Transforming Workplace Behaviors with Empathy
  • Using Emotional Intelligence on the Job
  • Using Service to Meet Organization Goals


  • Selecting Perspectives to Achieve Goals
  • Building Professional Esteem
  • Acting From the Platinum Rule
  • Internalizing Messages
  • Demonstrating Courage in Interactions
  • Asking Powerful Questions for Effectiveness
  • Practicing Truthfulness on the Job
  • Exploring Communication Tools
  • Living the Leadership Edge™ Back at Work


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