Behavioral Safety Clinic [GA] - 08 - 10 February 2011 Manama, Bahrain

March 4, 2021

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Behavioral Safety Clinic [GA]

Manama, Bahrain

08 - 10 February 2011

Every BBS process has hiccups every now and again, but how to tackle them to bring about the desired benefits often puzzles even highly experienced people. Including the latest BBS thinking, case studies and highly problem solving exercises to enhance the learning experience, this is the ONLY BBS workshop focusing specifically on the resolution of delegates’ BBS issues.

Many failing Behavioural Safety processes are poorly designed and/or executed. Like other safety management interventions, Behavioural Safety processes require a concerted effort by all to produce the desired results.

A simple five-step management model (known as CLEAR) show there is no magic bullet involved:

  • Clarify the objectives
  • Locate the problems
  • Execute the change strategy
  • Assess current progress
  • Review and adapt the process

This workshop is specifically designed for those with Behavioural Safety Background.


For full details, kindly download the PDF brochure, or contact Kris at for further information & assistance.




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