Negotiation & Influencing Skills for Women: Finding the Perfect Balance [GA] - 22 - 24 February 2011 Dubai, UAE

March 4, 2021

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Negotiation & Influencing Skills for Women: Finding the Perfect Balance [GA]

Dubai, UAE

22 - 24 February 2011

Negotiation & Influencing Skills for Women: Finding the perfect balance

The ability to negotiate satisfying agreements and to resolve problems fairly and amicably is a key business and life-skill. But women face a difficult balancing act. Effective negotiators need to pursue ambitious goals and exude the confidence that persuades others of their worth, yet both men and women react against women who are seen as "pushy" or "aggressive." This is compounded by social expectations of what constitutes "proper feminine behavior."

The good news is that being feminine need not mean being weak. Effective negotiation is not about brute force, but rather about preparation, relationship-building, legitimacy, creativity, and understanding value -- beginning with your own.

This highly interactive, skills-centered course introduces Dr. Billings-Yun’s GRASP five-step method for negotiating value-maximizing and durable agreements with particular emphasis on establishing value, building trust and overcoming resistance.

Benefits of attending:

  • See what is hold women back—and how to break free of those constraints
  • Understand your personal approach to negotiation and conflict and how to improve it
  • Increase your persuasive power through empathy and legitimacy
  • Achieve your goals without coming across as pushy or aggressive
  • Understand how to say difficult things effectively—even across hierarchies
  • Handle disputes efficiently and effectively
  • Build a “WAL” to strengthen your confidence and negotiation power
  • Resist unfair demands and force, without harming relationships
  • Develop mutual trust, respect and cooperation with colleagues and customers
  • Get the results you want by responding to the needs and concerns of the other party

Overall, women are not yet fully seen as equals in the negotiating process. Harnessing inner strengths and external negotiating skills is deeply explored in this unique program.You will leave this program with better negotiation & persuasion skills and a stronger ability to balance work & personal lives.



  • Heads of Departments
  • All Middle to Senior Level Executives/Managers
  • Professionals/Entrepreneurs
  • HR Personnel across all sectors
  • Executive Secretaries
  • Any women who wish to gain insights on negotiations and balancing the various roles, choices and challenges in their work


For full course details, kindly download the PDF brochure. Limited to 24 participants. Register today to secure your seats!

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