Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) [GA] - 31 January - 02 February 2012 Dubai, UAE

March 4, 2021

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Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) [GA]

Dubai, UAE

31 January - 02 February 2012

Behavioral Based Safety


This exclusive 3 day course on Behavioral Based Safety will cover key safety strategies & methods in achieving zero injury in industry.

If you or your company are just embarking on a Behavioral Safety process, are currently in the initial stages, or looking for ways to maintain your current process you will learn all about behavioral safety and the steps involved in its implementation and maintenance. Led by leading world expert, Prof. Dominic Cooper, this informative workshop will answer many practical questions.

  • The workshop will focus on the prevention of workplace injuries by focusing on safety related behaviors.
  • The management approach presented in the workshop has proven to be extremely effective at reducing injury rates, and other serious consequences such as property damage, business interruptions, environmental releases, regulatory agency violations, etc.
  • The workshop includes interactive exercises and case studies to enhance the learning experience.
  • Case studies will include the successful application of effective behavioral techniques in Offshore Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals and Manufacturing.
  • Lessons learned from other work places within the Construction, Paper, Steel, Food, Agrochemical and chemical industries will also be explored throughout the three days.
  • Results achieved include Zero Lost Time Accident Rates within 12-18 months, and improved bottom line profits.


Some Behavioral Safety Processes can take many years to truly impact injury rates while others can take 12-24 months to get you to Zero. The Behavioral Safety Maturity Ladder shows that increasing ownership and coverage leads to greater injury reduction. Based on extensive empirical research, each level has been shown to exert an ever-increasing impact on injury rates.

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