Effective Performance Management [GA] - 09 - 10 December 2012 Dubai, UAE

August 11, 2020

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Effective Performance Management [GA]

Dubai, UAE

09 - 10 December 2012


- What is performance and employee engagement?
- How do you develop a corporate performance culture that is motivating?
- What are the key features of effective performance management?
- How do we achieve individual and organisational performance targets?
- How do we deal with performance issues?
- How do we provide performance feedback and counselling?


This course is designed to help participants effectively manage performance on both the formal and informal levels. Performance management is not just sitting down for a formal review discussion once or twice a year. It is part of an overall management approach that recognises and values the contribution of each staff member.

Participants will learn a whole range of tools and techniques to help them manage performance at the organisational and individual levels. Participants will become effective communicators in formal and informal situations. You will use techniques and approaches that fit in with your organisation’s culture and your own personal style. You will become more confident in dealing with both good and poor performance.

Your reputation and standing can be significantly enhanced through the ability to improve staff performance, morale & productivity.



  • Identify the key characteristics of your performance situation
  • Identify how ready your staff are to implement performance approaches
  • Review your performance management system at the strategic level.
  • Review your system at the operational level.
  • Design (or review) your performance management system to best meet staff and organisation needs and wants
  • Implement a formal and informal approach that achieves sound organisational outcomes.
  • Communicate professionally and confidently
  • Achieve the reaction/result that you want.


The course is suitable for anyone who wants to better manage staff performance, whether at the organisational or individual level.

  • Presidents / Vice-Presidents
  • CEOs / CFOs / MDs / Executive Directors
  • Communications Directors
  • Department Heads / Line Managers
  • HR Director / Managers / Officers


For further details, kindly download the PDF brochure. Contact Kris at kris@360bsi.com to register today!



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