Professional Proposal & Report Writing [GA] - 16 - 17 January 2013 Jakarta, Indonesia

March 4, 2021

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Professional Proposal & Report Writing [GA]

Jakarta, Indonesia

16 - 17 January 2013

  • Have you had a formal or professional training on Technical Report writing before?
  • Have you experienced any difficulties to put your work, ideas & proposals in writing, professionally?
  • Have you had any of your reports being rejected or not understood?
  • Have you always wanted to impress your readers & superiors with a clear and professional report?


Professional Proposal & Report Writing will provide you with the exact skills to write technical reports and proposals that are informative, persuasive, clear and professional.

Many professionals mistakenly believe that technical writing is meant to be hard to understand. Their writing is complicated, long and too jargonistic.
Unfortunately, many managers write this way because they think it is expected of them. In practice, this just makes it harder to persuade your readers of the correctness and worth of your ideas. Clearer writing can lead to greater comprehension and an increased likelihood that your report or proposal brings about your desired goals.

This unique course by Tim North is all about communicating complex information clearly. This is a skill that will be taught and can be learned during this course.



  • Explain the importance of identifying your readers and their needs.
  • Identify how much technical detail your readers need and will understand.
  • Create a needs-analysis table to organise who needs what.
  • Provide information to diverse groups of readers with different needs.
  • Deal with conflicting needs.
  • Explain why it’s essential to prepare an outline.
  • Write effective covering letters for reports.
  • Write effective executive summaries for reports.
  • Write effective introductions for reports.
  • Write effective conclusions for reports.
  • Write effective recommendations for reports.
  • Use appendices to keep the body of your report brief.
  • Employ general strategies for better scientific writing.
  • Explain why it is wise to provide references (even if they’re not read).  

Essential technical editing and writing skills

  • Use abbreviations, contractions, acronyms and symbols appropriately and consistently.
  • Correctly write numbers and units using the metric system.
  • Use capital letters appropriately and consistently.
  • Decide whether to write a number with words or with digits.
  • Employ strategies to prevent the overuse of acronyms.
  • Use punctuation correctly and consistently.
  • Use bulleted and numbered lists correctly and consistently.



  • Explain the key difference between reports and proposals.
  • Identify the six essential questions that you must answer in your proposal.
  • Explain the importance of establishing your credibility.
  • Explain the importance of solving a problem for your readers.
  • Write a covering letter that quickly establishes context.
  • Construct a title that includes a recommendation and a benefit.
  • Write an effective executive summary.
  • Write a background section that provides the necessary context.
  • Convert features and advantages to benefits.
  • Employ a modular format.
  • Employ plain English to enhance your clarity and reputation.
  • Employ highly effective persuasion strategies.
  • Engage in effective lobbying behaviour.


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