Behavioral Based Safety & Leadership [GA] - 08 - 10 December 2013 Dubai, UAE

March 4, 2021

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Behavioral Based Safety & Leadership [GA]

Dubai, UAE

08 - 10 December 2013


This exclusive 3 day course on Safety Leadership & Behavioral Based Safety will cover key safety strategies & methods in achieving zero injury in industry.

This results-oriented workshop is based on the premise that people learn by doing. It consists of eight modules that have specific exercises to ensure learning and practice of key skills. At the end of this workshop, all participants will have developed a specific, step-by-step action plan for enhancing safety in their organization.

Course participants will be able to :

  • Create a safety culture of involvement and participation
  • Maximise productivity by reducing “Loss Time Incidents”
  • Integrate behavioral based safety (BBS) as a profitable long-term business strategy
  • Improve compliance and effectively managing the risks
  • Structure effective reward and recognition programmes to improve safety performance



“I have been through a lot of safety training in my 22-year career and Dr. Moran’s training really hits home.”

- Ed Bahr, Safety Director, Boise Inc., Alabama Operations

“Dr. D.J. Moran has clearly distinguished himself in the field of safety. Workers, managers, and leadership can all benefit through the practical application of Dr. Moran"s safety training.”

- Deb Smith, Director of Quality and Training, The Horton Group

“I have heard Dr. D.J. Moran speak several times in the last year. I believe he is on the cutting edge of changing the way we work to increase worker safe behaviors. His success in impacting behavior outside of industrial safety has direct application in the field of worker safety. I predict that in 15-20 years, we will be discussing Dr. Moran"s work as a step change in improving behavior-based safety.”

- Ron Truelove, EHS Manager for an Oil and Gas Company



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