Powerful Business Communication & Presentation Skills (GA) - 09 - 10 February 2014 Doha, Qatar

March 4, 2021

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Powerful Business Communication & Presentation Skills (GA)

Doha, Qatar

09 - 10 February 2014

Powerful Communication & Presentation Skills™ is an experiential workshop that teaches participants to fully engage their audience by using professional communication and speaking skills. This program focuses on overcoming barriers to communication and using positive communication techniques along with structure, visual and vocals presentation skills.

Through a combination of instruction, demonstration and practice, participants finesse their communication and delivery skills. Instructor feedback after each presentation paves the way to greater mastery. By the end of the workshop, participants feel increased confidence and can deliver dynamic presentations to even the most challenging audiences with ease.

Highly experiential exercise-filled learning brings participants to a greater understanding of their communication and presentation strengths and weaknesses. We work individually to decrease distracting, ineffective behaviors and to increase powerfully effective skills.


  • Work Easily with Differing Personalities
  • Eliminate Unproductive Communication
  • Master Positive Communication Skills
  • Organize Presentations for Impact
  • Overcome Nervousness
  • Engage Audiences
  • Maximize the 5 P’s of Vocal Power
  • Highlight Key Points with Gestures
  • Convey Confidence with Your Body


Every participant receives a copy of the Powerful Business Communication & Presentation Skills™ manual.


Everyone Who Communicates Professionally
Managers & Team Leaders
Sales & Marketing Professionals


Mastering Different Personality Styles
Overcoming Barriers to Communication
Paraphrasing for Clarity
Empathizing for Connectedness
Separating Fact From Fiction
Discovering with Powerful Questions
Listening with Improved Results
Requesting for Positive Gain

Presenting a Benchmark
Creating Audience Receptivity
Setting Direction with Organized Structure
Infusing With Enthusiasm
Persuading with Voice
Influencing with Your Body Language
Highlighting with Gestures

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