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March 4, 2021

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Situational Frontline Leadership

To be confirmed

To be confirmed


Who should attend?
• Managers with one or more individual contributor direct reports
• First-time managers
• Long-time managers facing challenging employee situations
• Managers who need to bridge performance with expected results

Situational Frontline Leadership provides specific micro-skills of effective management, such as goal-setting, listening, giving direction, and managing accountability. Managers learn both directive behaviors and supportive behaviors, such as establishing timelines, collaborative problem-solving and building partnerships for success.

Learning Objectives
After completing this course, your frontline managers will be able to:
• Take responsibility in developing their direct reports
• Diagnose employees’ development needs and then adapt their leadership style to meet those needs
• Partner by creating a side-by-side relationship where both parties are mutually influential
• Understand how effective leadership can provide high levels of performance and employee satisfaction
• Transfer newly learned skills to partner with their people on a journey that can transform basic beginners into Self-Reliant Achievers

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